Panasonic presenteert revolutionaire serie zero-offsetlenzen

Zero offset lensen voor 3-Chip DLP and 1-Chip DLP projectoren


ET-D3LEU100 - Ultra-Short Throw lens with a throw ratio of 0.37:1 (WQXGA)

ET-D3LEW200 - Short Throw lens, featuring a powered zoom with 0.7-0.91:1 throw ratio (WQXGA)

ET-D3LEU100 and ET-D3LEW200 are featuring a L-shape design allowing an unobstructed view even in low-ceiling installations

ET-DLE020 – World’s first Ultra-Short Throw lens with powered optical zoom for 1-Chip DLP projectors supporting zoom with 0.28-0.30:1 throw ratio (WUXGA). Combines reduced throw-distance with flexible zoom to project in extremely tight spaces.

All lenses have powered horizontal and vertical shift for fine adjustment

Possibility to stack projectors for multi projection setup

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